¿Cómo se realiza el test de nivel?

  • Cada pregunta tiene varias respuestas posibles; solo una de ellas es correcta.
  • Lee atentamente la frase y asegúrate de haberla comprendido.
  • Elige la respuesta que consideres correcta de entre las respuestas posibles; en caso de no haber comprendido o de duda, evita dar una respuesta.
  • El tiempo disponible para realizar el test es de 40 minutos; no superes este tiempo y termina aunque no hayas respondido a todas las preguntas..
  • Durante el test, no utilices diccionarios ni libros.
  • Te enviaremos el resultado de tu test por email.
(1)… your name?
1 Why´s What´s How´s Who´s
(2)… old are you ?
2 Who What How When
3 I´m 10 years old. I´ve 10 years old. I are 10 years old. I´ve 10 years.
This is (4)… interesting film.
4 the a an ---
5 They´re beautiful flowers. They´re flowers beautiful. They´re beautifuls flowers. They´re flowers beautifuls.
Peter and I (6)… from Wales.
6 we are are we am
7 I´ve hungry. I has hungry. I are hungry. I´m hungry.
(8)… Spanish?
8 You are Is you You Are you
There (9)… seven students in our class.
9 is are be am
(10) Is this your book?
10 No, not. No, isn´t. No, it isn´t. No, it not.
She´s a doctor, … brother´s an English teacher.
11 his her she she´s
We´re German, … names are Alex and Steffan.
12 our we us his
Give it to …
13 he I she him
Show … the photos of your holiday.
14 their they them theirs
What´s … name of this song?
15 a the an off
… a computer?
16 You have Has you Have you got You´ve got
Paul … a pet.
17 hasn´t got haven´t not has haven´t got
Has Anne got a dog?
18 No, she hasn´t. No, she hasn´t got. No, she haven´t. No, she not.
19 He no can speak Italian. He can´t speak Italian. He can´t to speak Italian. He can´t speak Italian.
… on the right in the United Kingdom.
20 You mustn´t to drive You not must drive You mustn´t driving You mustn´t drive
Whose bag is this? …
21 It´s of Daniel It´s Daniel It´s Daniel´s It´s to Daniel
22 You her likes She likes you She you likes You likes her
I speak Spanish and English. John only … English.
23 speak does speak do speak speaks
Does Katie like Daniel?
24 No, she not. No, she doesn´t. No, she don´t. No she doesn´t like.
25 She don´t smoke. She not to smoke. She doesn´t smokes. She doesn´t smoke.
26 What to means this word? What does to mean this word? What does this word mean? What is this word mean?
27 Run not. Not run. Don´t run. No run.
He … football.
28 is playing play do play is play
We can´t go out now ….
29 It snows It´s snowing It snow It snowing
30 Come at seven o´clock in Thursday. Come on seven o´clock on Thursday. Come at seven o´clock on Thursday. Come at seven o´clock at Thursday.
Do you travel … school by bus?
31 at in on to
32 What you are doing? What´s you doing? What are you doing? What are you do?
She usually … home at about 19:00
33 go is going does go goes
… people over there are French.
34 These This That Those
Come and look at … picture.
35 these that this those
How many apples are these?
36 These are five. These is five. It is five. They are five.
… four people in my family.
37 No Some It is There are
I haven´t got … money.
38 no some ------- any
There is … salt in this soup.
39 a lot of much many a lot
How much money have you got?
40 Much Not much A lot of Not many
There are … people here already.
41 a few a little much a lot
… late yesterday?
42 Were the Was they they were they was
Was she at school on Monday?
43 No, she weren´t No, she wasn´t No, she not No, wasn´t
Were there many people at the concert?
44 Yes, there were Yes, they were Yes, it was Yes, there was
How long … ?
45 stay he did he stayed he stayed did he stay
Did Andy and Lucas win the tennis match?
46 No, they not No, they did No, they didn´t No, they don´t
Jenny … out on Saturday night.
47 didn´t went didn´t goes didn´t go no went
Why … to your birthday party?
48 they not come they didn´t come not they came didn´t they come
… to the cinema last night?
49 Went you Did you go Did you went You go
I came to Ireland … English.
50 for learning for to learn to learn to learning
51 I never go to bed before 10:30. I go never to bed before 10:30. Never I go to bed before 10:30. I go to bed before 10:30 never.
He´s … than you.
52 more old older more older most old
He´s … at rugby than football.
53 more good better best more better
France is … than Spain.
54 expensiver more expensiver more expensive the more expensive
It was … day of the summer holidays.
55 the hottest the most hot the most hottest hottest
You´re not … my brother.
56 as tall than as taller as tall as as tall as
I … TV tonight.
57 am going to watch watching watch go to watch
58 What time is the plane going to leave? What time the plane is going to leave? What time is going to leave the plane? What time going to leave is the plane?
I like … early in the morning
59 to get up getting up to getting up get up
60 You will come with me to the concert? Do you come with me to the concert? Come you with me to the concert? Will you come with me to the concert?
Oh no! … my ticket
61 I lost I´ve lost I´m lost I´ve lose
62 Where they have gone? Where have they gone? Where have they went? Where have they go?
63 I´ve never be to Wales I never been to Wales I´ve never been to Wales I never was to Wales
64 They didn´t arrive yet. They haven´t arrive yet. They hasn´t arrived yet. They haven´t arrived yet.
She … university last June.
65 left has left did leave has leave
I … in Great Britain since 30th October.
66 was am been have been
We … to the shopping centre yesterday.
67 were went have gone have been
… English since I was twelve.
68 I´ve been learning I´ve learned I learn I'm learning
I spoke to a friendly girl … was from Bilbao.
69 which when who whose
We went to a night club … was open till 4 a.m.
70 who where when which
I was in Ireland … three weeks.
71 during for in on
When I looked out of the window …
72 it was snowing. it were snowing. it snowing. it´s snowing.
What … at 9 o´clock when I called?
73 did you do you were doing were you doing did you
… a shower when I opened the door.
74 He had He has had He´s having He was having
I … home when the dinner party was over.
75 was driving drive drove have driven
He left without … anything.
76 to say say saying said
I can’t stand …
77 waiting I wait to wait that I wait
Did you … yesterday afternoon?
78 go sailing went sailing go to sailing go sailing
He speaks English …
79 good but slow well but slow good but slowly well but slowly
New York
80 I go if you pay for me. I´ll go if you pay for me. I´ll go if you paid for me. I go if you´ll pay for me.
I love this song.
81 So do I So am I So I like So I do
I don´t want to stay at home.
82 Neither he does Neither does he want Neither does he So does he
You don´t like it, … ?
83 do you are you don´t you aren´t you
He reads too much, … ?
84 don´t he he does he doesn´t doesn´t he
They went to New York , …?
85 don´t they weren´t they aren´t they didn´t they
You … speak English perfectly to get the job.
86 don´t have to mustn´t don´t have not have to
The English language … all over the world.
87 are spoken is spoken is spoke is speaking
88 Were was these from? Were was this from? Where were these from? Where these were from?
This information … by many people.
89 are not known not is known is not known is not known
My mobile …
90 have been stolen has stolen has been stole has been stolen
The game … on Sunday.
91 is going to play is going to be played is playing is going to be playing
92 If he asked you out, would you say yes? If he ask you out, would you say yes? If he askes you out, will you say yes? If he asked you out, do you say yes?
93 You´d past the exam, if you will study more. You passed the exam, if you studied more. You´ll pass the exam, if you would study more. You´d pass the exam, if you studied more.
Do you think they´ll win the cup? Yes, I …
94 hope hope that hope so hope it
Will she pass the test?
95 No, I don´t think so No, I don´t think it No, I don´t think No, I not think so
… this question for me.
96 I want that you answer. I want you to answer. I want you answer. I want you answer.
They didn´t invite … to their bithday party.
97 that I come me come me for to come me to come
Didn´t I ask … ?
98 you close the door you to close the door you the door to close that you close the door
There´s …. wrong with this computer.
99 anything somebody something anybody
We didn´t tell ….
100 anybody anything nobody somebody